Aaji-Aajoba Grandmother-Grandfather

Director: Milind Ganesh Dastane
Hindi/1996/Colour/92mins (Also available in: Malayalam, Bengali, English Subtitles)


Akshay and Tanvi live in the city. Their parents are so engrossed in their own lives and careers that they don’t have time for the kids. The lonely children don’t know where to clarify their doubts. One day they come across an elderly couple who not only have the time to listen to them, but also understand their dilemmas. The kids want to take this couple home, but social barriers and rules don’t seem to allow that. The kids however refuse to give up so easily? ‘Aaji-Aajoba’ is a take on modern life where busy parents don’t have time to fulfill the emotional needs of their children. It calls for an urgent need to build a bridge of warmth, caring and understanding between the world of adults and innocent children.


Director’s Biography: Milind Ganesh Dastane
Writer, director actor and producer Milind Ganesh Dastane is associated with both Hindi and Marathi films. He has been part of many commercial films, television series and documentaries with many renowned directors in both the languages. ‘Aaji Ajoba’ is Milind’s first film as a director and co-producer.


Best Children’s Film, National Film Awards, India, 1996
Best Director for Children’s Film, National Film Awards, India,1996
Best Sound, National Film Awards, India,1996
Special Mention, Child Artist, National Film Awards, India, 1996
Bronze Elephant, International Film Festival for Children and Young People, India, 1997
Best Child Artist, International Film Festival for Children and Young People, India, 1997
Special Jury Prize for Best feature, Cairo International Film Festival for children, Egypt, 1997

Best Film, Children’s Film Fest, Ontario, Canada, 1997

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