Xang Xang Klang


Xang Xang Klang is a 70 minutes entertainer, in which an alien from outer space comes to earth, in the guise of an Indian boy called BHOLA, with the deadly mission of assessing whether earth should be destroyed or not, seeing the growing pollution and degradation. He also sees the love and care, laughter and faith and happiness on earth and decides to give us an eleven year grace period.
BHOLA promises to return after eleven years, hopefully to see a pollution – free earth.


Director’s Biography: Col. Kapoor
Col. Kapoor joined the Bollywood film world, after servicing a memorable 26 years in the Army.
During the past 3 decades in the films, the Colonel has written many stories and screenplays, directed many films, TV serials and decomentaries and acted in quite a few.
FAUJI, the super hit TV serial of 1989 was a feather in his directorial cap. XANG XANG KLANG is his second film as director.



Little Poupe` comes to her Grandfather, a celebrated author, for the first time when her mother falls seriously ill. Her gloomy stay in the age old mansion with a grumpy faced Mary Aunty and a lonesome Grandfather slowly takes a turn with the arrival of a circus troupe, a talking fox, a nagging tiger, a magic tree and WOH, the anonymous commoner from the Grandfather’s writing. With WOH intruding the ordinary day to day activities, Poupe` and her ‘Daddu’s’ life takes a sudden leap and becomes adventurous…

WOH is inspired by Rabindranath Tangore’s novel “Shey” (That Fellow) written in Shantiniketan, 1937 about his own relationship with Grand Daughter Nandini.


Director’s Biography: Buddhadeb Dasgupta
Buddhadeb Dasgupta is a contemporary Indian film-maker and poet of great repute. Five of his films have won the National Award for Best Film and two for Best director. His films have also won awards at many prestigious international film festivals including Berlin, Venice and Locarno.

Heda Hoda (The Blind Camel)


Sonu lives with his sister Lakshmi and parents in a rustic village in Kutch, Gujarat bordering Pakistan. One day when his father falls sick, Sonu and Lakshmi volunteer to graze the camels. During a food break, the camels drift away. Sonu goes in search only to find himself lost in the wilderness with no camel in sight. He unknowingly crosses the border and lands at herdsman Razak’s home in Pakistan. Concerned by his plight, Razak quietly takes Sonu and leaves him across the border with the promise to find and deliver his camels. Parikshit Sahani acts in this film that comments on the concept of borders that adults build and how no borders can be built upon the innocence of a child. The film has won many awards globally.


Director’s Biography: Vinod Ganatra
Vinod Ganatra has been active in the film industry since 1983. While working as an independent editor with television and the Indian Space Research Organisation, he launched his own production company, Movieman. He has several awards to his credit. Widely traveled, he has also served on juries of several international film festivals and selection panels


Silver Elephant Award – 13th International Children’s Film festival, Hyderabad – India – 2003.
2nd Prize – Vancouer Film Festival – Canada – 2004.
Opening Film – Hamburg Film Festival – Germany – 2004
Silver Awards – La Matatena Film Festival – Mexico – 2004
Special Mention – Cine Jeune De Laon film Festival – France – 2004
Silver Awards – Cairo Film Festival – Egypt – 2005
Bronze Remi Award – Worldfest Film Festival – USA – 2005
Indian Panaroma – International Film festival, Goa – India – 2005
My favorite Film Award – Ningbo Shanghai Film Festival – China – 2005

Hayat (Life)


Hayat is a 12 year old girl who lives with her family in a village in Iran. She is looking forward to give an exam in the village school and is preparing hard for it. The night before the exams, her father falls ill and has to be hospitalized. Hayat is distraught at having to babysit her infant sister on the most important day of her life. But she is not a girl to give up that easily. With some well-wishers helping her along the way Hayat, whose name means life, makes a desperate attempt to give her exam. Would she succeed?


Director’s Biography: Gholam-Reza-Ramezani
Born in 1960 in Iran, Gholam-Reza Ramezani began his professional career in 1983 as an assistant director and scriptwriter. He was the Assistant Director in Amir Naderi’s ‘The Runner’. He has also made many short films. His second feature ‘The Cart’, won numerous prizes in international festivals


Cinekid, Children Film Fest Amsterdam, 2005
Special Jury Award
Madrid Children Film Festival, Spain 2005
Best Film
Golden Elephant Children Film Festival, India 2005
Children’s Jury Award
Istanbul Int’l Children Film Festival, Turkey 2006
Best Film
Centre International Du Film Pour L’enfance et la Jeunesse, IRAN
Buenos Aires Children Film Festival, Argentina 2005
Jury Special Mention
Zlin Film Festival, Czech Republic 2005
Special Prize of city of Zlin
Divercine, Int’l Film Fest For Children & Youth, Uruguay 2005
Winner of SIGNIS Award, Children Audience Award
“Listapad” Minsk Int’l Film Festival, Belarus 2005

Harun Arun


Harun is a Muslim boy from Pakistan. He enters India through the desert border of Kutch in Gujarat with his grandfather who is searching for his best friend. But Harun gets separated from his grandfather and is taken in by a kind Hindu family who mistake his name to be Arun – a Hindu name. Harun wins over the village with his loving charm and courage. Yet when his Pakistani roots are discovered, his intention is questioned by adults corrupted by the biases and prejudices of religion and nationality. This film that urges for the innocence and compassion of children in the affairs of the world, has won many heart and awards globally.


Director’s Biography: Vinod Ganatra
Vinod Ganatra has been active in the film industry since 1983. While working as an independent editor with television and the Indian Space Research Organisation, he launched his own production company, Movieman. He has several awards to his credit. Widely traveled, he has also served on juries of several international film festivals and selection panels


1. LIV ULMANN PEACE PRIZE – Chicago international Children’s Film festival – USA
2. BEST JUVINILE AWARD – Dhaka Intl film festival – Bangladesh
4. LIGHT OF ASIA AWARD – Buddhist Film festival – Sri lanka
5. CIFEJ PRIZE – Rimouski Intl Film Festival – Canada
7. AUDIENCE AWARD – FREEZE FRAME film festival – Canada
8. BEST COSTUME AWARD – 29th Augburg children’s Film festival , Germany


In this town, the sky is full of kites, and all the kids are obsessed with kite-flying. The kite, Kali, rules the skies. No one knows who flies Kali. No one can defeat Kali. An illiterate street urchin takes up the challenge. With neither money nor education on his side, he sets out for his goal. Dreams aren’t impossible when the desire is strong.


Rajan Khosa came into the limelight with his feature film Dance Of The Wind which premiered at Venice and won at Rotterdam, Chicago, London, Nantes etc. His shorts include Wisdom Tree and Flower Girl. An alumnus of Royal College of Arts, London, FTII, and NID, Ahmedabad, he is a voting member of BAFTA.

Nationwide Release 20 July, 2012

Gattu – Press Clippings

Gilli Gilli Atta


Shankar is a criminal who turns his life around and becomes a business man. He is delighted when his wife gives birth to twins. However Anna, his arch-enemy from his old days, plots vengeance and kidnaps one baby. Chased by the police, the goons abandon the baby in a truck and run away. All hope seems lost for the defenseless infant when a little miracle saves his life. The film uses comedy to impress upon its audience that good always triumphs over evil in the end.


Director’s Biography: Pankaj Parashar
A reputed director of films and TV series, Pankaj Parashar is an alumnus of FTII, Pune. His diploma film for the institute ‘Malfunction’ won him a Filmfare Award for Best Documentary. Since then he has helmed the directorial chair for many reputed films, most notable being ‘Jalwa’ (1987) and ‘Chaal Baaz’ (1989), with the later winning him another Filmfare award. He also made the immensely popular ‘Karamchand’, India’s first detective series in 1985. Currently Pankuj divides his time making ad-films and working on his next feature film

Gaja Ukiler Hatya Rahashya (Mystery Of Gaja Lawyer’s Murder )


Gaja, a lawyer, is found dead in his room with a red towel wrapped tightly around his neck. His friend Gupi, the prime suspect, is absconding. Gupi meanwhile is being trailed by two pickpockets who are aware of the murder and think that Gupi has stolen money from Gaja. A series of hilarious incidents and chases later the four come face to face – Gupi, the two thieves and Gaja – the supposedly dead lawyer. Who was the dead person in Gaja’s room? What is the mystery of Gaja lawyer’s murder?


Director’s Biography: Jagannath Chottopadhyay
A prolific writer Jagannath Chottopadhyay was honoured with Rajat Kamal (National Award) for the best book on cinema in 1985 – ‘Chalachitra Abirblav’. He has made two telefilms for ETV, prior to directing ‘Gaja Ukiler Hatya Rahasya’. He is also a member of short filmmakers Association of Eastern India.