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Competition International

Alafzar (Meadow)
Bestevenner (Rafiki)
David and Kamal
De Sterkste Man Van Nederland (The Strongest Man In Holland)
Den Kaempestore Bjorn (The Great Bear)
Digari (The Other)
Het Geheim (The Magicians)
Iep! (Eep!)
Kidnappet (Lost in Africa)
Knerten Gifter Seg (Twigson Ties the Knot)
Les Contes De La nuit (Tales of the Night)
The Ugly Duckling
Vorstadtkrokodile 2 (The Crocodiles Strike Back)
Wintertochter (Winter's daughter)
Xinghai (The Star and the Sea)

India Competition

Chillar Party
Chitrakuzhal (The Bird Catcher)
Dekh Indian Circus (Watch Indian Circus)
I am Kalam
Krish, Trish and Baltiboy II
Stanley Ka Dabba (Stanley's Tiffin Box)
Taryanche Bait (Island of Stars)
The Lotus Pond
Vihir (The Well)
Woh (That Fellow)

Shorts Competition

Adventures of Owen
Dodu - O Rapaz De Cartão (Dodu -The Cardboard Boy)
Drug detstva (The Playmate)
Ekti Kaktaliyo Galpo (A Coincidental Tale)
Ghadyalancha Dawakhana (The Watch Clinic)
In A Heartbeat
Kahānikār (Storyteller)
Keshavrz Va Robat (The Farmer and the Robot)
La Fille et Le Chasseur (The Girl and the Hunter)
Land of Fireflies
Lápis-de-cor (Coloured pencils)
Neuneinhalbs Abschied (Nineandahalf's Goodbye)
Os Olhos Do Farol (The Eyes of the Lighthouse) Pik (Pecker)
The Ball
The Lost Thing
The Monster of Nix
Tīģeris (Tiger)
To Horio (The Village)
What Makes Me Happy: Tung's Film, Vietnam

Little Directors

Adventures of Eddy and Curt
Dhanam (Wealth)
Hamari Duniya (Our World)
Kabhi Socha Hai (Stop and Think!)
Nishadam (The Savage)
Scream V Halloween Night
Subbu's Noodles
Tellu (A Boy who Applies Oil)
Thulyam (Equal)

Children's World

2Broers (2Brothers)
Aansoo Bane Moti (Tears Become Pearls)
Ammachi Ki Macchi (Grandmother's Fish Curry)
Anne Vliegt (Flying Anne)
Babioles (Babioles)
Chanda Ke Joote (Chanda's Shoes)
Cores e Botas (Colours and Boots)
Derevo Detstva (My Childhood Mystery Tree)
Dve prinzessi (Two Princesses)
En L'Opera (At the Opera)
Gerald's Last Day
Hoggie and Snip
Hokus-Pokus (Hocus-Pocus)
Il Re Dell'isola (The King of the Island)
Jiyo ya Maro (Survive)
Josette Und Ihr Papa (Josette and Her Daddy)
Kelkunnundo (Are you listening?)
Khialbaf va Kouzeye Roughan (The Day-dreamer and the Jug of Oil)
Koro's Medal
Kosminen Kulkuri (The Cosmic Avenger)
Kuchao (A Gum Boy)
L'inventeur (The Inventor)
La Vieille dame et les pigeons (The Old Lady and the Pigeons)
Ledus Pavēlnieks (Ice Master)
Little Terrorist
Lost and Found
Mukand and Riaz
My Happy End
My Name is Mohammed
My Space My Time
Pantoffelhelden (A Slippery Tale)
Something Left, Something Taken
Steinfliegen (Stoneflies)
Tana Libera Tutti (Everyone saved)
Tigre Og Tatoveringer (Tigers and Tattoos)
Tornehekken (The Hedge of Thorns)
Tot ou Tard (Sooner or Later)
UNA CAJA DE BOTONES (A Box of Buttons)
Viaje A Marte (Journey to Mars)
WeileWangque De Jinian (Tian'Ai's Ordeal)
Ziluks (Acorn boy)
7 Days in Slow Motion
Aatpaat Nagar Hote (Aatpaat Nagar Hote)
Alice In Wonderland
Azur et Asmar (Azur and Asmar)
Bad O Meh (Wind and Fog)
Briefgeheim (The Secret Letter)
Chandani und ihr Elephant (Chandani- The Daugher of the Elephant Whisperer)
Charandas Chor (Charandas The Thief)
Chintu Skool (Chintu School)
Chutkan Ki Mahabharat (Chutkan's Mahabharat)
De Indiaan (The Indian)
Dik Trom (Chubby Drums)
Dom-zari (Goldtail)
Fimfarum Do Tretice Vseho Dobreho (Fimfarum Third Time Lucky)
Foeksia de miniheks (Fuchsia the Mini Witch)
Gantala Bandi (Bell-Cart)
How to Train Your Dragon
In Oranje (In Orange)
Karla og Jonas (Karla and Jonas)
Kikkerdril (Frogs and Toads)
Kung Fu Panda 2
L'illusioniste (The Illusionist)
Maman, Behrouz Man-o Zad! (Behrouz Hit Me, Mom!)
Océans (Oceans)
Parvaz-E Morghabi-Ha (Flight of the Ducks)
Sikharam (The Peak)
Streetkids United
Summer With the Ghost
Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms
Touching Wild Horses
Toy Story 3
Un Cargo Pour L'Afrique (Cargo for Africa)
Waar is het Paar Van Sinterklass? (Where is Winky's Horse?)
Yeh hai chakkad bakka bambe bo (sensational six)

In Focus: China

Hai Yang Peng You (A Friend From Ocean)
Hai Zi Na Xie Shi Er (Something About Kids)
Lu Cao Di (Mongolian Ping Pong)
Niao Chao (Bird's Nest)
Shang Xue Lu Shang (Unique Schooling)
Wu Gui Ye Shang Wang (Magic Tortoise)